Hello & Welcome I’m Ivana, the owner/artist behind the lens at Ivana Doria Photography. 

As a mom of two boys I remember always running after them with a camera. I loved it, wanting to capture every moment, every smile, every memory before it slipped by. Photography has always been a passion of mine. It wasn’t until I lost my job of many years that I decided to pursue my love of photography in a professional capacity, which has given me a newfound purpose. 


I love connecting with my clients through photography, every photoshoot sparks joy inside me. I particularly enjoy using my photography to empower women. When a client says “Wow I have never been photographed like that before, I can’t believe that is really me,” it's a powerful feeling for a photographer to be able to provide another person with that. 

I was born in the little town of Palermiti, in Southern Italy. I moved to the United States when I was only five years old.
I grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts and moved to Braintree Massachusetts when I got married.

In 1990, I married my husband Domenic, who is also from my hometown of Palermiti. Together we have raised two wonderful sons, Joseph and Michael.

My family is the most important thing to me. I cherish the time we can spend together. One of our favorite traditions is going to grandmas house for Sunday lunch. I hope to continue that tradition with my boys. We love to travel to Italy as often as we can to spend time with our family there.

I love all types of photography. I love working with children, getting them to open up and be silly, and most importantly... have fun! I love shooting in natural light, the rustic elements of nature, and the outdoors in general. My favorite place is the beach, so I try to shoot there as often as I can.

One of my passions is photographing sunsets, there is something so peaceful and soothing about watching the different colors of the sky as the sun sets on another day. 


"Every photoshoot  sparks joy for me, Allowing me to empower."

a little more about me...

Born in a little town in Southern Italy my family immigrated to the United States when I was five years old. 

I grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts, graduated from Quincy High School and shortly after marrying my husband Domenic; who is from my home town in Italy, we moved to Braintree, Massachusetts where we raised our two wonderful sons; Joseph and Michael.

Spending our summers vacationing and visiting family in Italy is something I will cherish forever.  Our connection and love for each other has been constant through the ups and downs of life. 

I’m learning to live my life with gratitude, compassion, and love. I am also passionate about mediation, yoga, reiki, and spiritual healing. I like to incorporate the themes I learn from my other passions, such as love, positivity, empowerment, and healing in my photography. I love connecting with whoever is on the other side of the camera, it brings me joy to elevate them and make them feel empowered. I want their images to reflect their beautiful light within.