Make up 

Fresh, naturally done makeup will add to your images. Don’t be afraid to invest in a professional hair and make-up artist – if budget allows. Eyebrows should be shaped and defined to help bring out your eyes. The night before your session use some Chap-Stick on your lips to help avoid chapped/cracked lips.

Manicure & Pedicure:
You should make sure your finger and toe nails are free of any chips and that color matches well with your outfit. Neutral and French manicures will always complement your images better than dark or bright polish.

If you want to have your make-up professionally done at the studio, please let me know when you book your session. I will ensure make-up artist is available on the date and time of your session. Please arrive at studio with a clean and moisturized face.  If you have an inspiration photo of the make-up you would like, please bring that with you. 

Before coming in to have your portraits taken, think about what you'd like them to convey. 

Do you want to convey your keen business sense? A classic professional look with a more solid/neutral background is probably the best route to go.

Want to show off your fun-loving, carefree spirit? Maybe an outdoor shoot in a sundress or your hiking clothes is the right option then.

Consider how you plan to use your photos and what you want them to say about yourself/ your personal/professional brand. It is my goal and pleasure to work with you to achieve your vision. 

Bring props, outfit changes, and all your best ideas. I love trying new things in my sessions!