Choosing an outfit for your portrait session can become overwhelming, below are some outfit and style tips to help ensure your session is a success!

Light colors tend to photographer better on a lighter background and dark colors photograph better on a darker background.

Neutral tones such as; creams, beiges, grays, earth tones, and oatmeal photograph well and are timeless and elegant

Solid colors work best, as busy patterns can be distracting and don’t photograph well

Accessorize with hats, scarves, wraps, jewelry anything that displays your personal style.

Clothes should be wrinkle free, comfortable and fitting. 

what to wear

Soft pastel colors, such as green, blue, white, sand, soft pinks. Pastels tend to look nicer against the soft colors of the ocean, sand, and sky. Soft flowing fabrics will complement this type of session. 

Colors don’t have to match but should coordinate well together, stick to a 3-4 palette of complimentary colors, it can be mixed up with pants and dresses. Matching or complementing the background of your portrait will result in a more pleasing visual image. 
Here are a few tips for more flattering images:

Long sleeves, long pants, long shirts and dresses usually photograph better. 
Accessories, like scarves, wraps, jackets, hats and hairbands can result in a more flattering image at times.

Manicure & Pedicure: Make sure it is fresh and matches well with your outfit, chipped nail polish is distracting. Neutral and french manicures will complement your images better than dark or bright polish.

Makeup: Fresh naturally done makeup up will add to your images Don’t be afraid to invest in professional hair and makeup if budget allows! Eyebrows should be shaped and defined. This bit of pampering will help you feel relaxed and will ensure you look amazing.

Use chapstick on your lips the night before your session to avoid chapped or cracked lips your photos.

Little Girls: Avoid short dresses, long dresses work very well. 

Kids: Avoid clothing with characters or logos, solid, plain colors work best. 

Girls; Choosing a neutral lipstick or gloss will also enhance your images. Heavy foundation doesn’t photograph will wear heavy foundation, natural looking makeup will enhance your photos. Trust me your photos will look flawless even without a lot of make up. 
Boys; Polo shirts and collared button down shirts, leave the tube socks and sneakers at home. 
Pinterest is a great resource for trying different poses and getting outfit ideas.




layered clothing is fabulous!