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As a mom of two boys, I remember always running after them with a camera, I loved it. I wanted to capture every moment, every smile, and every memory before it slipped away. Photography has always been a passion of mine. It wasn’t until I lost my job of many years that I decided to pursue my love of photography in a professional capacity, which has given me a newfound purpose. 

I love connecting with my clients through photography. Every photoshoot sparks joy inside of me. I particularly enjoy using my photography to empower women. I love hearing clients say “Wow I have never been photographed like that before, I can’t believe that is really me.” It's a powerful feeling for a photographer to be able to provide another person that feeling. 

 I am a Boston area photographer
& artist, who is passionate about capturing your inner light with empowering images that outshine your self-doubt

HELLO There, i'm ivana


I highly recommend- Ivana is so talented and kind! She makes you feel right at ease in front of the camera and brings her visions to life


Genuine, unique, and passionate are attributes that only begin to scratch the surface of Ivana's talent. She was blessed with the gift of capturing the pure, raw beauty of each individual she works with. I don't know how she does it, but when you look at her photographs you don't just see the physical beauty of her subjects, but she is truly able to bring out their inner beauty in each shot. I think a big part of what makes her unique is her own inner beauty. 


When I think about Ivana, my mind says “Perfection".
I had an incredible experience with her.
I am so pleased with her work and naturalistic photography. Whether we talk about women, men or kids, I am sure no one will ever be disappointed.
Each capture says something that you feel connected to. Super talented , have lots of patience and a very welcoming sweet personality. 


Ivana is so fun and knowledgeable. We just LOVED shooting with her- everything was so magical and we can't wait to shoot again! 


Ivana is so fun to work with. She has lots of great ideas for her portraits, and it all comes together in the end with unbelievably beautiful photos! Book with her! You will not regret it!




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